Resend New User Invitation

Once you add a new user to your SingleOps account, they will receive an invitation email to login. 

This email will be sent to the email you use when you set them up as a user. This email will contain a link to the SingleOps application and their username. They can then set their password to login to the system. 

If you need to resend the invitation please go to the 'Users' page under your admin module. Here you will find a list of all active and inactive users you have in your SingleOps account. 

You can search for their name on the right-hand search bar if your user's list is long or you can simply find them within the page. 


Then, next to their name on the right-hand corner you will see a button that says 'resend invitation'. This shows they have not accepted the login invitation email yet. An example is shown below. 

Click on that button and it will resend the invitation email from SingleOps to the user. Until the user accepts the invitation, the resend button will be available and you are able to use it multiple times, if needed. 



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