Deactivate a User

Deactivating a User


Table of Contents

I. Before Deactivating a User

II. How to Deactivate a User


I. Before Deactivating a User

  • Once a User is deactivated they will be dropped from any events assigned to them. Please review all the visits, tasks, routes, & jobs assigned to this User.
    • You can use the Jobs Report to filter down using either the Sales Rep or the Assignee column to view a list of all of the work currently assigned to them. 
    • Once found, assign the events to another User. This step is crucial as it will prevent you from losing any information that is critical for you to reassign the work.

  • Deactivating a User will not impact Labor Resources as Labor Resources do not have to be Users. If you are deactivating one of your crew foreman under which Labor Resources are assigned, then we recommend moving those labor resources to another User and then deactivating the crew foreman. 

  • Deactivated Sales Reps & Assignees will still remain visible in reports with Sales Rep & Assignees columns, with the exception of the Sales by Sales Rep report. 


II. How to Deactivate a User 

  1. Navigate to:

              mceclip0.pngAdmin >


  1. Select the name of the User you are deactivating 

  2. Unselect the Active box

  3. Select Update User  

Once you deactivate a user you also want to make sure you remove their license. Taking this action will ensure you don't continue to get billed for a deactivated user. Follow this link for more information on managing licenses. 




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