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Location services allow location-based apps such as SingleOps to use information from cellular, Wi-fi, and GPS networks to determine your approximate location. To use our features such as Route planner and my day where you utilize navigation functionality through SingleOps or through Google it helps us to have your approximate location. The current location information can only be shared with SingleOps if you have your location services turned on. 

If you are a crew user and you are accessing your day through the 'My day' page, you can have your visit locations for your job site within the my day page. But if you wanted to navigate to stop 1 and didn't have your location services turned on, our system or Google won't know your current location. So that will have to be a manual input you have to make to enter your current location so that you are navigated to your job site. On the contrary, if we knew your approximate current location through the location services being turned on, all you have to do is click on your job site location and you can be navigated there based on your current location. 


One thing worth noting is that on the route planner even if you have your location services turned on and we are aware of your approximate location if you optimize the route it will always use the operation location for the starting point. This happens regardless of your current location. But once your route is optimized and you navigate through SingleOps/Google it will use the current location. 



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