Notes on Jobs and Visits

There are three Note fields on Jobs and Visits in SingleOps: Internal Notes, Client Notes, and Crew Notes. These fields are intended to allow users to add detailed descriptions or messages to the intended audience. 

Types of Notes

  • Internal Notes - Meant for Internal office use, these notes can be viewed by Admin Users, and are intended for leaving notes on billing scheduling, etc. about the Job or Visit.
  • Client Notes - Meant for Client Communication, these messages appear automatically on Client Invoices, and can be used to convey information regarding the Job or Visit services.
  • Crew notes - Meant for the assignee(s) of the Job, these notes can include specific instruction regarding the work to be completed.  These notes will appear on Work Orders by default, but can be removed.

Editing Notes on Jobs and Visits

Editing Notes on a Recurring Job impacts the Visits on that Job based on the Stage of the Visit, and whether or not Notes have been edited on the individual Visit(s) prior to the Job's edit.  The following rules apply to editing notes on a Recurring Job and or its Visits:

  • Jobs with all Visits in Proposal or Active stage with no notes on Individual Visits - an edit to one of the Job's notes (any type) will be transferred to all of the Visits' notes.
  • Jobs with all Visits in Proposal or Active stage with notes already added to individual visits - an edit to the Job's notes will only carry over to the Visits' notes if the Visits' notes were blank prior to editing the Job's notes.  Any existing notes on a Visit will not be replaced by editing the Job-level notes. 
  • Jobs with some/all Visits in Completed or Approved stages - Any edit to the Job's notes will not affect the notes of Visits in these stages.
  • Editing one Visit's notes will not impact the notes of other Visits on that Job.


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