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Job Notes in SingleOps are fields used to add detailed descriptions or messages about a Job.

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Note Fields & Descriptions

Visit Notes on Recurring Jobs


Note Fields & Descriptions

There are always 3 note fields on a Job in SingleOps: 

  • Internal Notes - Meant for Internal office use, these Notes can be edited by Admin & Operator Users, & are intended for comments regarding the Client's service request, changes made throughout the Job, etc. 
  • Client Notes - Meant for Client communication, these Notes appear by default on the Client's Proposal & Invoice documents, & are intended to convey information to the Client regarding their services. 
  • Crew Notes - Meant for the Assignee(s) of the Job, these Notes appear on the Job's Work Order by default, & are intended to convey specific information to the Crew regarding the work to be completed. 


Visit Notes on Recurring Jobs  

Editing Notes on a recurring Job impacts the Visits on that Job based on the stage of the Visits & whether or not Notes have been edited on the individual Visit(s) prior to the Job's edit.  The following rules apply to editing Notes on a recurring Job & its Visits:

  • Jobs with all Visits in the Proposal or Active stage with no Notes on Individual Visits - an edit to the Job's Notes (any type) will be applied to these Visits. 
  • Jobs with all Visits in the Proposal or Active stage with Notes already added to individual Visits - an edit to the Job's Notes will only carry over to the Visit Notes if the Visit's Notes were blank prior to editing the Job's Notes.  Any existing Notes on a Visit will not be replaced by editing the Job's Notes. 
  • Jobs with Visits in the Completed or Approved stage - any edit to the Job's Notes will not affect the Notes of Visits in these stages.

Additional Notes

  • Editing one Visit's Notes will not impact the Job Notes or any other Visits on that Job.
  • Visit level Notes are not included in renewals 


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  • Hello all, since this since this can be visible to other parties for their input, are there any updates regarding a time-stamp variable being added into these fields? Similar to the Client page "Comments" tab.

  • Not at this time, however you can add that in when adding a new note. 


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