Text Message Template Data Tags

Much like Email Templates, data tags can be used to insert dynamic information in your SingleOps Text Message Templates. Below is a list of common data tags used in Text Message Templates. 


Client Information

Client Name


Client First Name

{{(visit.job.client.name | split:' ') | first}}

Client Phone Number

{{ client.phone }}


{{ visit.job.client.phone }} 

Client Mobile Phone Number


Contact Phone Number

{% if job.contacts.size > 0 %}{% for contact in job.contacts %}{% if contact.phone != blank %}{{contact.phone}}{% endif %}{% endfor %}{% endif %}


Visit Information

Visit Location Address

{{ visit.job.location.address }}

Visit Client Name

{{ visit.job.client.name }}

Visit Client Mobile (Cell) Phone Number

{{ visit.job.client.mobile }}

Visit Start Date

{{ visit.start | date: "%m/%d/%Y" }}

Tags on Visit

{% for tag in visit.tags %}[{{ tag.name }}] {% endfor %}


Sending User Information 

User First Name

{{(user.name | split:' ') | first }}

User Office Phone Number

{{ user.office }}

Sales Rep Mobile Number



 Document Links

Proposal Document


Invoice Document



How to Format Tags

  • Spaces within the {{ }} do not matter, as they will not appear in the message.
    • Example message to Client "Jim"
      • Body of Text:     Hi{{  visit.job.client.name  }},
      • Will result in:      HiJim,

  • Spaces outside of the {{ }} do matter, & will appear in the message.
    • Example of message to Client "Jim"
      • Body of Text: Hi {{  visit.job.client.name  }},
      • Will result in: Hi Jim,

  • "To" field: multiple phone number tags can be separated by commas

  • The order of tags is Object > Attribute (written as object.attribute), with any filter on that attribute preceded by a |

Additional Resources

  • For a basic overview of data tags and how they work, please review this Shopify article 

  • For more information on filtering data tags, please refer to this helpful article 

  • For date formatting, please refer to this helpful article 



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