Text Message Template Data Tags

When creating Text Message Templates, the following tags can be included to insert data from SingleOps into your text messages. The list below contains some examples of tags which can be used.  This is not a comprehensive list of all tags, and there is often more than one way to create a tag to produce the desired information.

Formatting Tags

  • Spaces within the {{ }} do not matter, as they will not appear in the message.
    • Example message to Client "Jim"
      • Body of Text:     Hi{{  visit.job.client.name  }},
      • Will result in:      HiJim,
  • Spaces outside of the {{ }} do matter, and will appear in the message.
    • Example of message to Client "Jim"
      • Body of Text: Hi {{  visit.job.client.name  }},
      • Will result in: Hi Jim,
  • "To" field: multiple phone number tags can be separated by commas
  • The order of tags is Object, then Attribute (written as object.attribute"), with any filter on that atrribute preceded by a |
  • For more formatting guidance, please see the Additional Resources listed at the bottom of this article.

Client Information

Client Name


Client First Name

{{(visit.job.client.name | split:' ') | first}}

Client Phone Number

{{ client.phone }}


{{ visit.job.client.phone }} 

Client Mobile Phone Number


Contact Phone Number

{% if job.contacts.size > 0 %}{% for contact in job.contacts %}{% if contact.phone != blank %}{{contact.phone}}{% endif %}{% endfor %}{% endif %}


Visit (based on entered Visit data)

Visit Location Address

{{ visit.job.location.address }}

Visit Client Name

{{ visit.job.client.name }}

Visit Client Mobile (Cell) Phone Number

{{ visit.job.client.mobile }}

Visit Start Date

{{ visit.start | date: "%m/%d/%Y" }}

Tags on Visit

{% for tag in visit.tags %}[{{ tag.name }}] {% endfor %}


SingleOps Sending User (based on entered User data)

User First Name

{{(user.name | split:' ') | first }}

User Office Phone Number

{{ user.office }}

Sales Rep Mobile Number



 Document Links

Proposal Document


Invoice Document



Additional Resources

For a basic overview of data tags and how they work, please read this helpful article from Shopify.

For more information on filtering data tags, please refer to this helpful article.

For Date formatting, please refer to this helpful article.




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