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Sales tax configuration in SingleOps requires two divisions: Tax Components & Tax Locations, referred to respectively as Sales Tax Items & Sales Tax Groups in Quickbooks. Once a SingleOps account has been synced with Quickbooks, the only way to add Tax Components & Tax Locations is to first create them in Quickbooks & sync them to SingleOps. This article will outline the Tax Location setup in Quickbooks Desktop, only. 


How to Set Up Sales Tax Groups in Quickbooks Desktop 

1. From the menu, select Lists > Item Lists

2. In the Item List window, select Item > New 

3. Select Sales Tax Group as the Type

Type Drop-down List

4. Enter a Group Name 

5. Enter a Description 

6. In the table, click in the first row & select a sales tax item to include in the group from the Tax Item drop-down list. Repeat to include multiple Tax Items, if needed.  

8. When complete, run the Quickbooks Web Connector to sync the Tax Group (Tax Location) to SingleOps.  

9. Approve the Tax Location in your Sync wizard. 


10. Run the Quickbooks Web connector again to complete the sync  



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