Custom Input Sections


Custom Input Sections provide a method for segmenting Custom Inputs into Tabs. This feature is limited to Clients and Jobs in SingleOps.

Sections for Job Custom Inputs can also incorporate Operations.  For example, if there is a set of Custom Inputs which should be included on all Jobs for certain Operations, but is not needed for Jobs with other Operation(s), a Section can be created containing Custom Inputs for those specific Operation(s).


Table of Contents

I. How to create a Custom Input Section

- Navigation & Set-Up

- Jobs Custom Input Section Example

- Client Custom Input Section Example

- Tips & Best Practices


I. Creating a Custom Input Section


Navigation & Set-Up

1. Navigate to:

             mceclip0.png Admin >

                    Custom Inputs

2. Either Create a New Custom Input or Edit an existing input which will be included in the Section

3. In the Section field, populate the text block with the name of the new Section (image below)


4. Add the Operation to indicate which Jobs should include this Section/Custom Input

5. Save the Custom Input

6. Navigate to the Job or Client page to view the new Section




Job Custom Input Section Example:



Client Custom Input Section Example: mceclip2.png

Tips & Best Practices

  • Custom Inputs with assigned Operation(s) will only appear on the Job if the assigned Operation is selected at the Job-level. Therefore, if you want a Section to appear only on Jobs with certain Operation(s), all Custom Inputs in that Section need to include the correct Operation(s) selections. 
  • If a Custom Input is included in a Job, the "Important" marker on the Custom Input will not impact its placement on the Create Job/Edit Job page. All Custom Input Sections are placed above the Job Estimate section of Jobs (see image). mceclip1.png
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