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Create a New Client

  1. Navigate to: mceclip0.png Clients > New Client or select Add New Customer while creating a new job

  2. General tab

    Complete the Client’s General info:
    - Display Name- The only required field, which will auto populate based on data entered in the First & Last Name fields.
    - Email Address & Mobile Phone Number- It is best practice to provide an email address & mobile phone number for each Client, if available. Filling in these fields will allow you to communicate with your customers using your account's Email & Text Messaging features.


  3. Advanced tab

    While creating a new client, select the Advanced tab & complete the fields, as needed:
    - Default Terms
     are only needed if the individual Client has different Terms that will need to override the Account’s Default Terms set on the Company Information page.
    - Customer Types- You can find more information on Customer Types here
    - Client Notice- You can find more information on creating a Client Notice here
    - Tags- used on the Client level set default Tags on every Job created for this Client

  4. Continue with steps below on how to Create a Client Contact using the Contact tab...


Create a Contact

A spouse, partner, property manager, billing department, etc. can be added to Clients as Contacts in SingleOps

  1. While creating (or editing) a Client, navigate to the Contacts tab
  2. Select + Add Contact to add additional points of contact to this Client (e.g., a spouse or property manager, etc.)
  3. The Contact Form allows you to enter the Contact's name, type of contact, phone, and email. If you would like this contact to have access to the client portal where they can view all open proposals and invoices for the client, check the box in that column. You can also add custom inputs on the contact form to collect additional information. Fill out all info as needed.
  4. Select Create Client


Additional Notes

  • SingleOps does not support duplicate Client Names 
  • A Client can only have one Billing Address
  • Adjust the setting below to support the organization of Clients by Last Name, First Name
  • By default, New Clients that are added to SingleOps will sync to Quickbooks with the Client’s first SingleOps Invoice unless the setting below is turned off. mceclip4.png


Add Contacts to Jobs & Proposal Groups

To add a contact to a Job or Proposal Group, you must complete the steps in the Create a Contact section above.

Add contacts to a Job

  1. Create or edit a Job
  2. Under Additional Options, add a primary contact to the job. Doing so will also add that contact to the Client's profile. mceclip7.png

Add contacts to a Proposal Group

  1. Create or edit a Proposal Group
  2. At the top of the right hand side of the screen drop down and select the contacts


Client List

Navigate to: Clients > All Clients

  • On the Client list, you can use the Columns dropdown list to add/subtract columns to show different informationmceclip12.png
  • On this page, you can also Create a New Client.
  • Filter list by Sales Rep, Inactive Jobs and On-Hold Jobs.
  • You can Edit or Deactivate a client from here as well.
  • Save these filters and columns by clicking Save for all users

*Note: Client lists can be provided by SingleOps Support when requested by the Account Owner. Send an email to


Client Page

  • The Client Page displays all of the Client's Information.
  • Each Tab displays information associated to each tab name.
  • Filters and Columns can be added to display specific information under each tab.


mceclip14.png(+ Add Comment)- this button can be found under the Comments tab or at the right hand corner of this page. This allows you to add any notes about this client and will appear under NOTES after clicking Create Comment. These notes are NOT visible to the Client.

mceclip15.png (Add +)- this button, located in the top right corner of this page, allows you to start a Lead, Proposal or Active Job with this Client. By selecting Use Template, this will drop down multiple Job Templates to choose from. You can create a Proposal or Active job with these templates.



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