Attach PDFs to SingleOps Documents

Unlimited Attachments & Document Storage available on Premier Tier, only.

Attaching PDFs to SingleOps documents can be done on the document template itself or on the Job level for a specific Job's documents. For example, you may want to attach your Terms & Conditions to all Proposals sent out of SingleOps. In this case, the PDF would be attached to the document template itself. However, if a PDF attachment is specific to a certain Job (e.g., a design draft for Design/Build work), the PDF can be attached to the Job & any documents (Proposal, Invoice, or Work Order) associated with that Job.  

Attach PDFs to Document Templates

1. Navigate to: mceclip0.png Admin > Document Templates 

2. Select Edit next to the appropriate document template

3. Navigate to the PDF page

4. Select Click to Upload  to add your PDF 

5. Select Update Document Template to save your changes 




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