Add Custom Inputs to Documents

Custom Inputs are a great way to collect and store information that could be specific to the client, the job, the visit and many other variables in SingleOps. With custom inputs, you can collect more data that is not standard in SingleOps that could be very specific to your business or things you may need to keep in mind related to your clients. 

Custom inputs can be used internally to collect and share data between your team members or you could also display it on your documents so your clients are able to view them as well. 

For example, your client may have a gate code that you want your crew to be able to see on their work order. The first step will be creating a custom input if you don't already have one. 

Creating a Custom Input

1. Go to Admin module and then go to custom inputs 


2. Then create a custom input by clicking on New 

3. Enter the details as shown below. This is simply an example of a custom input at the job level. You have a lot of different options to choose which resource to attach the custom input to. 


4. Once you enter all the information click on create custom input to save it 

Using the Custom Input

Now that you have created the custom input you can see it when you create a new proposal or an active job in the system. We created this custom input with the resource type 'job' hence it is available on the job level as you can see below 


Now that you have entered the client's gate code you want the crew to be able to see this so they can use this information to get in to do their work. 

Adding Custom Inputs to Documents

1. Go to Admin module again and go to document templates 

2. Edit document template. In this case, let's edit the work order 

3. Click on additional info 


4. On the right-hand side where you see custom inputs click on the +Add button

  • This will display a list of your existing custom inputs with a job as the resource type for the custom input
  • Select the one you want to display on your document. In this case, I will select the Client gate code which I recently created 


  • Once you select it click 'Update document template' to save the change 

5. Now that you have added the client gate code custom input to the work order if you create a job in the system you can enter the gate code information and it will be visible on the work order as it is below






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