Minimum Service Interval

Minimum Service Interval Overview

The Minimum Service Interval is an Item-level setting which allows User to notify SingleOps when certain Items shouldn't be included as an active item on Renewed Jobs within a set amount of time. For example, if a PHC application should occur every other year, using a Minimum Service Interval would help prevent applications from happening before they should.

To include Minimum Service Interval on Items, this setting must first be enabled under Account Settings:

Track Last Service Date for Line Items



Frequency - Determine the Number of Years to Use

The Minimum Service Interval number of years represents exactly the amount of time which must pass before the applicable Item can be performed again for that Client. Every 2 years means every other year, but 2 full years must pass between the Item's occurrence.  Therefore, if an Item with a Minimum Service Interval of 2 years is scheduled for April 15th, 2020 and completed on that date , another Visit with that Item cannot take place until after April 14th, 2022 because 2 full years must pass between services.

*Note: Keep in mind that the full Interval must pass.  Therefore, if you are scheduling an Item that should happen every 3 years, but it is ok if it happens in August of 2020 then in June of 2023, SingleOps will not allow this (the Item will be deselected from Actual and Billable).  The earliest date it will allow is August 2023. The deselected areas can be overridden, but this behavior is good to keep in mind if you will be scheduling Items with Minimum Service Intervals often. 

Update (4/21/22) - This has been updated to use the month the service last occurred in, rather than the exact date. 

*Note: The Minimum Service Interval works best when Batch Renewing Jobs. If used on Manual Renewals, the applicable Item will be marked inactive upon renewal, but it will not reappear as desired following the Interval length because Manually Renewed Jobs are not automatically scheduled for a year in advance. 

Update (4/21/22) - Manual renewals now work with Minimum Service intervals. 



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