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The Visit Splitting feature is a fast and easy way to create a new Visit on a One-off job when the work planned for one day does not get completed in one day. Splitting a Visit into two, moves one or more Items on a Job to a 2nd Visit, but retains it's a One-off Job set up. 

*Note: This feature is designed to be used ad-hoc, in case work does not get finished on the day on which it was scheduled.  If multiple Visits are intended for a Job up front, setting up a Job as Recurring is still the recommended workflow method.

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Before Splitting a Visit

Splitting a Visit

Managing Split Visits


Before Splitting a Visit

  1. Assess the Line Items on the Job.  At least one entire Line Item must be "split" into the next Visit.  Therefore, if you have only one Item total, or you need to move part of one Line Item, further steps are required prior to clicking the "Visit Split" button.  If you have multiple Line Items, and intend to move one or more entire Line Items to the next visit, you can move on to the next section ("Splitting a Visit").mceclip0.png
  2. To split one Line Item, Edit the Job, and add a new Line Item to the Job.
  3. Select the Identical Item type, then Adjust the Quantity on both lines to reflect the Quantity that has been/will be completed for that Item on Visit 1 (1st Line) and Visit 2 (2nd Line).mceclip1.png
  4. Update & Close the Job, and move on to the Splitting a Visit section


Splitting a Visit

  1. Navigate to the Job Show page (not the Edit Job page) and Click Splitmceclip2.png
  2. Select the Date and Time for the Next Visit (if known).  If a Date is not stipulated, the next Visit will be appear as an Unscheduled Visit.
  3. Under Move, check the Line Item(s) which should be moved to the next Visitmceclip3.png
  4. At the Bottom of the Split Visit Page, there are a few options:
Save & New creates another Split Visit page, allowing for an additional Visit Split on the same Job, (creating a 3rd Visit)

Save & Edit

directs to the Edit Visit page for the newly created Visit
Save & Close saves the original and split Visits, and Closes the page


Managing Split Visits

A One-off Job can continue to split into multiple Visits with no cap.  Simply repeat the Split process described above to split more Visits.  Keep in mind, at least one entire Line Item must be Split into the next Visit, so a Job must contain two Line Items to be split.


Split Visit Proposal

One-off Jobs which have been split retain the entire Job in the Proposal, regardless of which stage the Job was in when the Visit was Split. This function is designed to minimize confusion, as all Jobs contain only one Proposal. If separate Proposals for each Visit are preferred, it is best to create separate Jobs for each Visit.


Split Visits vs. Recurring Jobs

As Visits are split on a One-off Job, the management of the Visit Edit Pages, and Invoicing, are also Split into multiple parts. For example, a One-off Job which has been split twice (resulting in 3 Visits) will have 3 Separate Edit Visit screens to change elements of those Visits, and separate 3 Invoices as well. Therefore, it is recommended that Jobs with known multiple Visits begin as Recurring Jobs, as it is easier to centralize Job Data, segment Line Items into multiple Visits, and schedule on the same page.


Invoicing Split Visits

Unlike the single Proposal component of Split Visits, multiple Invoices will accompany all Split Visit Jobs. Once a Job has been split, one Per Visit Invoice will be created for each Visit. These can be combined into an Invoice Rollup, if desired, so that one billing document can be presented to the client for a Job with Split Visits.


Reversing a Split Visit

Reversing Split Visits is a manual process.  There is no button for "Unsplit Visit". Therefore, to revert a split visit back to one Visit, please follow these steps:

  1. Edit the original Visit on the Job
  2. Add the Line Items from the Split Visit back onto the Original Visit
  3. Delete the 2nd (unwanted) Visit from the Job
  4. If more than one Visit has been split, continue adding Line Items from the Visits that have been split onto the Original Job, then deleting the unwanted Visits








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