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The SingleOps Invoices Report provides summarized data on all Invoices.

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Date Range Choose between Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, This Month, Last Month, Year To Date, or Custom Range. The date range selects only Jobs that fall between those dates to calculate the totals.
Visit Stages Select one or multiple Job Stages (e.g. Active, Approved, Completed). If None are selected, all will be included in the Report.
Operation Operation or service name (e.g. maintenance, design/build, tree service, etc.) If none are selected, all will be included in the Report.
Client Type in one or more existing Client name(s). If None are selected, all will be included in the Report.
Invoice Type Per Visit: Invoices sent per visit.
Fixed: Invoices sent on a fixed schedule.
Combined: Multiple Invoices from one recurring job or a combination of invoices from different jobs.
Progress: Progress Billing - one-off Jobs billed based on completed work.
Invoice Status Open: Invoice is currently Open
Paid: Invoice has been paid in full
Synced vs. Unsynced: Invoice has been synced or not synced to QuickBooks
Sent vs. Unsent: Invoice has been sent or unsent to customer
On Hold: Job is On Hold


Summary Data for Business Insights (Premier Tier Only)

Summary Data for Business Insights enables you to take all of the information in a report and summarize it to develop powerful insights into your business.


Search this report based on Client's Name, Job Name, Operation, User's Name, Reference Number for the Job, Visit, Invoice or Payment, etc.


Click Columns and select one or multiple column types. To add and remove columns, the columns in blue will display in the report.

Rearrange Columns by clicking and holding the column header, move to the left or right and drop. Sort rows by clicking the up & down sort arrows icon, click once to sort from low to high, and again to sort from high to low.

Ref # Invoice reference number
Name Invoice name
Client Client's name that links to Client's SingleOps profile
Operation Invoice level operation or service name (e.g. maintenance, design/build, tree service, etc.)
Invoice Type Per Visit, Fixed, Combined Invoice, etc.
Invoice Total The invoice total in dollar amount
Balance Invoice Total - Payments = Balance
Sales Rep(s) Sales Representative associated to that Job
Invoice Date Invoice date
First Sent / Last Sent The date the invoice was first sent and last sent will display in separate columns (yyyy-mm-dd)
Event Name Status indicating if the Invoice has been sent. Follow the link to Statuses & Their Descriptions for more information on each status type.
Date Paid The date the Invoice was paid (yyyy-mm-dd)
Synced to QuickBooks = a red X will display if the Invoice is not synced to QuickBooks
= a green checkmark will display if the Invoice is synced to QuickBooks
On Hold = a red X will appear if the job is not currently On Hold
= a green checkmark will display if the Job is currently On Hold
Actions Clickable buttons that link to:
Email - start an Invoice email to send to the customer.
Job - open the Job information in a new tab.
Public Document Links - allows a user to see different versions of documents for that customer (e.g proposal, invoice, or work order)
Delete - delete Invoice
Job City The city name where the Job is taking/took place.
Job Zip Code Regional postal code based off the Job's geographical location.
CUSTOM INPUTS All Client, Job & Visit Custom Inputs will appear here.


Total / Average

At the bottom of the page, totaled amounts for two columns - Invoice Total & Balance - can be found.
*Note: These Totals reflect the sum of the displayed Invoices on this page only (<10), not the entirety of search results. Additional Invoice results can be accessed by clicking through the additional pages at the bottom right of the screen.



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