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Role Types & Descriptions

Role Access & Restrictions

Permission Adjustments 


Role Types & Descriptions

Admin (Standard License)

Admin users have full access to features and functions within SingleOps. The only actions which are not available to Admin users are a few settings which require support from a SingleOps team member.

Operator (Standard License)

The Operator role was designed for Sales Reps or Foreman/Crew Managers. Operator users can Create and Edit Proposals/Jobs, Schedule Visits and Tasks, and access most Reports in SingleOps. Access to the Admin section of SingleOps is restricted for these users.

Crew (Limited License)

Crew user access is limited to the My Day page and Timesheets. They are able to update certain Line Items upon Visit Completion, but do not have the ability to create or edit Jobs or Visits. This is the only Role which falls into the Limited License category.

Supply Managers and Vendors (Standard License)

These specialized roles are designed for managing Purchase Orders and possibly Inventory. Their access is limited to these areas and often Job Management (with Billable amounts hidden).


Role Access & Restrictions

Action Account Owner Admin Operator Crew Supply Manager Vendor
Add & Remove Licenses
Admin Section Access
Approve & Unapprove Jobs
Create & Edit Proposals/Jobs
Accept & Unaccept Proposals
Complete & Reject Visits
Schedule Visits & Tasks
Access Reports
*Do not have access to all reports in SingleOps.
*Limited to their assignments.
**View, only.
* **
*Cannot manage all timesheets.
My Day Page Access
Complete Jobs
*Search, only.
**Update & view.
* * **
Purchase Orders
*Limited to assignments.
**View, only.
* ** **


Permission Adjustments 

Adjustments can be applied to all User Roles. If applied to a role, all users will see the change. If you'd like to adjust, have the SingleOps account owner Submit a Request with SingleOps Support. 

Permission Details
Is scheduler Allows the role to schedule and re-schedule jobs and visits. 
Can view labor resource rates Allows role to view rates for labor resources. 
Only Display Assigned Visits
**See Note Below
Only allows users with this role to see visits that are assigned to them. Will not be able to pull up jobs / visits for which they are not an assignee.
Only Display Assigned Tasks
**See Note Below
Only allows users with this role to see tasks that are assigned to them. Will not be able to pull up tasks for which they are not an assignee.
Display created purchase orders  
Can update billables complete Allows the role to update billable quantities of items when marking a visit or job as complete.
Can change time on timesheet Allows role to change time when adding timesheet events. 


User Cannot View Assigned Visits or Tasks

When a user cannot see Visits or Tasks to which he/she is assigned, it is most often due to an incorrect assignments of the Operations within the user configuration.  To correct and update the operations for the user, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to: mceclip0.png Admin > Users

2. Click on the name of the user you wish to modify.

3. Click the Operations dropdown to either correct an incorrect configuration, or to add additional operations to the user. You may also select All Operations if applicable.

4. Click Update User to have your changes persist.


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