Multiple Locations on Client Profiles

Some Clients have multiple Visit Location addresses.  These will be stored in SingleOps as Jobs with different locations are entered.  There is no limit to the number of location addresses for each client, however Locations cannot be entered for a client prior to saving Jobs.

Additional addresses for Clients are added when a new Job with a new Visit address is created for that Client. This process is illustrated in steps below.

1. A New Proposal is created for a Client with only one default address listed.

2. The Second Location for this Client is entered in the Visit Location, and a green "New" oval appears, signifying that SingleOps has recognized this as a new Location for this Client.

3. This Location is now listed with the default Location in the Client's profile

4. When the next Lead, New Proposal, or Active Job is created for this Client, both Locations will be listed in a drop-down menu

 Additional Locations can only be added when creating new Jobs (at the Lead, Proposal, or Active Job level) for Clients.  Additional Locations cannot be added in the Client Profile page.

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