Percentage Discounts

The best way to apply a percentage discount is to add a Discount Item. For Quickbooks users, it is best to set up the Discount Item in Quickbooks, then allowing it to sync to SinglOps. Once the Discount Item is in place, it can be added to a Job as a Line Item.

To use your Discount Item as a percentage of a Job's price, the quantity should be set to the discount percentage you want to apply (as a decimal, where 0.1 should be entered for 10%), and the Job's pre-discount total should be used as the Unit Price. Following these entries, the discount will be calculated in the Total field by multiplying the Quantity by the Unit Price. 

To apply a 15% discount, add a Discount Item (Referral Discount here) and set the Quantity to .15.
Find the Price Total and insert it into the Discount Item's Unit Price

Once these are updated, the Discount is Calculated and Reflected in the Total Below

An important note about Tax. Discounts by default only apply to the pre-taxed subtotal. This means they will not reduce the tax burden. If you want to have them apply to the after tax total, you will need to set the Discount Items as Taxed on the Item Page. For more information on how to do this, see our video titled Items Overview in the Knowledge Base. Skip to 4:15 for the part about setting items to Taxed.



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