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Options Proposals available on Plus & Premier Tier

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What are Options Proposals?

Set-Up Options Proposals

Using Proposals (Client Perspective)


What are Options Proposals?

Options Proposals allow your Sales Team upsell by adding recommended products and options. This provides flexibility to your customers, ensuring they accept your business. 


Set-Up Options Proposals

When adding an Item on the Job edit page, select the appropriate Proposal Level:

  • Included - a required item for the Job that the Client cannot opt out of when accepting the Proposal
  • Recommended - a preselected, recommended Item that the Client can opt out of before accepting the Proposal
  • Optional - an optional Item that the Client can opt into before accepting the Proposal


How to Use Options Proposals (Client Perspective) 

When reviewing a Proposal for acceptance, Clients can determine their selections to the right of the Proposal Acceptance module. Item Acceptance levels default to:

      • Included: Checked
      • Recommended: Checked
      • Optional: Unchecked

  • Once the selections are finalized, the Client should select Refresh Proposal so the changes made will reflect on the Proposal document.


*Note: Once the customer accepts a proposal, their choices cannot be altered.


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