Options Proposals

What Are Options Proposals?

Options Proposals allow your customer to opt in or out of certain items and services, providing your customer with the benefit of choice while also creating upsell opportunities for your business. 

The Options Proposal feature is an enhancement of the standard Proposal.  Once enabled, all qualifying Proposals going forward will be Options Proposals.  The specific Job type which is not included is Recurring Jobs with Fixed Invoices. Due to the nature of fixed billing, Options Proposals are not available on this type of Proposals.

How to Use Options Proposals

Adding Optional and Recommended Items to Job Proposals

  • When you Create New Proposals or Edit existing Proposals going forward, you will notice a column titled "Proposal Levels" in the Work Estimate Items (see image below).
  • Level Options for Items include:
    • Included - a required item for the Job that Clients cannot remove
    • Recommended - an item you recommend for the Job that Clients can remove
    • Optional - an optional item for the Job that Clients can remove

Options Proposal Received by Clients

  • When Clients receive Options Proposals in an email, they will be able to select which of the Recommended and/or Optional Items they would like to accept or reject (see image below).
  • Item Acceptance levels default to:
    • Included: Checked
    • Recommended: Checked
    • Optional: Unchecked
  • When the Proposal is refreshed by clicking "Refresh Proposal", the Proposal Document on the left will reload and reflect the selections made on the right. 
    • Selected Items: Checked Item(s) on the right will be included in the Proposal Document on the left because the Client has chosen to accept these item(s)
    • Deselected Items: Unchecked Item(s) on the right will not be included in the Proposal Document because the Client has chosen not to accept these item(s)

Item Type Display

Proposal Refresh Display


To turn on and activate the Options Proposal, you will need to contact the SingleOps Support Team via email (support@singleops.com) or phone (888-309-2227) and request this feature. 

Notice for Account Owners with Custom Documents: this feature may take longer to implement, as each Account must be updated individually.

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