How to Use Options Proposals

The Options Proposals feature is an enhancement of the standard Proposal, allowing your customer to opt in or out of certain recommendations & options, providing them with the benefit of choice while also creating upsell opportunities for your business.

How to Set Up Options Proposals

  • When adding an Item on the Job edit page, select the appropriate Proposal Level:

    • Included - a required item for the Job that the Client cannot opt out of when accepting the Proposal

    • Recommended - a preselected, recommended Item that the Client can opt out of before accepting the Proposal

    • Optional - an optional Item that the Client can opt into before accepting the Proposal


How to Use Options Proposals (Client Perspective) 

  • When reviewing a Proposal for acceptance, Clients can determine their selections to the right of the Proposal Acceptance module. Item Acceptance levels default to:

      • Included: Checked

      • Recommended: Checked

      • Optional: Unchecked

  • Once the selections are finalized, the Client should select Refresh Proposal so the changes made will reflect on the Proposal document.



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