Upload a New PDF Attachment (Additional Documents)

Service companies are often required to possess and present to their customers a Certificate of Insurance (COI) or maybe you have a specific set of documented terms & conditions that accompany each job.  Many SingleOps customers elect to transmit these electronically as a PDF attachment on their proposals and/or invoices.

But what happens when the COI changes each year? Or if you update your Terms?  How do you keep that attachment current? You just need to upload a new Additional Document.

Here's how you can upload a new attached document, appended to your SingleOps Document Template(s).


Steps to Upload a COI, Terms & Condition Document

  1. Go to Admin > Document Templates and click the Edit button (far right) for the template which you wish to modify.Screen_Shot_2019-09-25_at_10.19.24_AM.png

If you do not see an Edit button to the right of the template you need to update, a member of the SingleOps Team will first need to unlock the template before you can make any changes. Contact SingleOps Support at 888-309-2227 or support@singleops.com

  1. Click PDF (left sidebar).Screen_Shot_2020-04-08_at_6.23.26_PM.png
  2. When the PDF page is displayed, you can review all existing Additional Docs to manage or use the File Upload tool to upload a replacement file and/or new file(s). You can hover over the file to access tools to preview (Magnifying glass icon) or delete the old file (trash can icon).Screen_Shot_2020-04-08_at_6.26.50_PM.png

A quick note about the setting "Append Attached PDFs": With this setting toggle set to YES, if a file is uploaded to Job or Visit, the attached file will be appended. This setting does not impact Additional Documents added to the template.

  1. Upload a file by clicking the Click to Upload button to find the location of the new PDF or drag-and-drop to the page.  SingleOps only accepts attachments to templates in PDF format. A progress bar will display briefly to show the new file is being imported.  
  2. You can preview the updated document template by using the Preview button (left sidebar). You will be prompted to enter some lookup value (name, job name, job number, etc.) and a list will populate with any/all jobs containing the search criteria.  Scroll down (using scroll control right side) to see any/all attachments, and verify that the new PDF is now part of the document package.Screen_Shot_2019-09-25_at_10.21.27_AM.png

    NOTE:  SingleOps currently has no mechanism by which you can order the PDF attachments.  Additional documents are presented in the order they are uploaded.  If it is essential that your attachments be presented in a specific order (and if the file was not intended to be the last document in the presentation order) you will need to remove all the attachments, then re-attach them in the intended order.


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