Invoice Management Filters

The Invoice Management pages in SingleOps offer a variety of options used to filter the list of Invoices to exactly what you need. 

Invoice Management Filters & Descriptions

Filter Description
Date Range This date range filters on the Invoice Date. In many cases, this may be the same date as the scheduled or completion date of a Job, but that is not always the case.
Visit Stages Invoices for per visit Jobs in SingleOps are available as soon as the Job is accepted. This can be very useful should you need to invoice a client in advance of the completion of the work, but if not, this filter allows you to filter down to only completed & approved visits. Using this filter will automatically exclude any Fixed Invoices from your results.
Operation The Operation filter filters based on the Operation of the Invoice. 
Client The Client filter filters the results to a specific Client. Used in concert with say the Open Invoice filter, this can be used to pull a list of unpaid Invoices for a specific client.
Invoice Type Invoices can either be Per Visit, Fixed, or Combined. These types are based on the setup of the Jobs in your system. $0 invoices are hidden by default unless this filter is engaged.
Invoice Status
Open Any Invoice with a balance greater than $0
Paid Any fully paid Invoice
Synced If the Invoice has synced to QuickBooks
Unsynced If the Invoice has not synced to QuickBooks
Sent If the Invoice has been sent 
Unsent If the Invoice has not been sent
On Hold Any Invoice associated with a Job that is On Hold
Upcoming Any Invoice that does not meet the Open Invoices criteria configured in Account Settings.



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