"Freemail" Domains

"Freemail" is a term for any email service that provides email accounts free of charge, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. While these are a cost-effective way to provide an email account to your employees, they can create issues with email deliverability.

SingleOps uses the user's email (each user requires a unique email address) as the "Reply-to" for emails sent out of SingleOps. This allows the customer to converse directly with the person who sent them their proposal, invoice, etc. However, many spam filters flag emails that use Freemail domains in the "reply-to" address.

Your Account Email or *SingleOps Email (pictured below) will Protect email deliverability and can be found in your Account Settings:


To Ensure Deliverability 

We suggest that if you have a user that uses a freemail domain and will be sending emails in SingleOps that you check the "Use Account Email as Reply To" option.  This is controlled on the user level. 

Once a user is entered, SingleOps will provide a yellow warning if the user's email address is a freemail domain and could potentially have deliverability issues. 





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