Route Planner Overview


The Route Planner offers a map view of Tasks and Visits on Active Jobs, both scheduled and unscheduled. Individual Routes for Drivers can be created and edited using this tool. The tasks and visits are listed on the left and their corresponding locations are pinpointed on the map to the right.

There are several buttons on this page that will help you filter, set up and schedule your routes.

Filters - Starting on the top left, the filter button enables you to apply filters to the list of unscheduled tasks and visits below it. You can select a number of different filters such as operations, assignees & sales reps, tags, date range and items. Applying filters can make scheduling much more manageable.


Unschedule Unfinished - This button will allow you to unschedule any tasks and visits that were not completed that day so they can be rescheduled for another day.

Batch Reschedule - This feature helps you to reschedule a batch of tasks and/or visits based on the filters and date range you apply, so you don’t have to do them each individually.


Columns - You can customize the columns that appear by selecting from the dropdown list of options. This can assist you with scheduling by zip code, dollar amount, last visit date, etc.


Save for All Users - This will save your column selections for all users.


There are several additional buttons on the top right above the map to assist with route optimization, among other things.

The first icon with the square allows you to optimize routes based on a selection you make on the map. You can draw and resize a square around a particular area or set of unscheduled tasks/visits to select them. Once selected, you will see them outlined in red in the list on the right.


Once selected, you’ll press the green ‘Add Drivers’ button to automatically schedule and optimize the route based on your map selections. Simply press ‘Create Route’ next to the driver you’d like to create the route for and it will be applied.


If you’re dragging and dropping unscheduled tasks and visits on to individuals calendars, you can use this button to optimize all routes at once.


The next button is used to resize the map so that it includes the pinpoints for all unscheduled tasks and visits in the list on the left.


The refresh button allows you to refresh the page without refreshing your entire browser.


The last button gives you the ability to email all of the routes you’ve scheduled, to yourself and all selected drivers listed for the day.



You can also email these individually by clicking on the driver’s name. Once clicked, a box will appear in the top right corner giving you the option to either email the route sheet to the driver, or view the route page.


Once you’ve added assignees to your day, you’ll notice a few buttons next to the driver’s name/s. To the left of the driver name there is a lock icon. In order to add, make changes or remove jobs/tasks from a drivers route, you’ll need to first click this lock icon next to the driver name in order to unlock the route. The lock exists to act as a safeguard against inadvertently adding/removing/changing a job a task on the wrong driver’s route.

NOTE: When you drag a job/task off a route, it un-assigns the job/task but does not unschedule it.

Clicking the red button directly after the driver’s name will unschedule all routes for that driver. Please note that this will also un-assign all of the jobs/tasks as well.

The white button with the drop-down arrow will display 2 options when clicked. The first option is to optimize the route for the jobs/tasks that were placed on that driver’s day. If you do not see this option appear, please contact support so that we can enable this feature for you. The second option is to reschedule and reassign all jobs/tasks on that driver’s day to another driver’s day at one time, so you don’t have to move each job/task individually.

Route Planner on Mobile Devices

Due to the Route Planner's complexity and the small size of most mobile devices, the Route Planner does not work on most cell phones and tablets. However, if the width of a device is 768px and above, the Route Planner will work using both the SingleOps Mobile App and Regular App (accessed through a browser on your device).

To find the exact width of your device, please refer to this website



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