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Tools & Descriptions

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Tools & Descriptions

  • Filters - These can be applied to your list of unscheduled events to make scheduling much more manageable. Filtering options include Operations, Assignees & Sales Reps, Tags, Date Range, Items, Item Groups, Item Subcategories, & Minimum Days Since Last Visit. The User can also choose to include or exclude event types (Visits, Tasks, PO Tasks, & On Hold Visits).

*Note: You can adjust the setting below to require an Operation filter before opening the Route Planner. This will help reduce load time for accounts with a large number of events.


  • Unschedule Unfinished - This button will allow you to unschedule any events that were not marked as Complete for the visible day. Once unscheduled, they can be rescheduled for another day.
  • Batch Reschedule - This button allows you to reschedule a batch of events based on applied filters & date ranges.
  • Columns - Select this button to customize the columns used in the unscheduled events list to show data such as Job Name, Client, Zip, Invoice Total, & Last Visit.
    • Selecting Save for All Users will save your column selections for all Users.
  • Memorize All Routes - This tool can be used to memorize all visible routes at one time.
    *Note: Route Memorization can only be used on routes that exclusively include On Demand Visits. 
  • Drag-Select - This tool can be used to optimize a route based on a selection you make on the map.
    • Using this tool, draw & resize a square around a particular area or set of unscheduled events you would like to include on a route.
    • Once selected, press the green +Add Drivers button
    • Select Create Route next to the appropriate DriverScreen_Recording_2021-07-07_at_02.17.41_PM.gif
  • Optimize All Routes - This tool can be used to optimize all visible routes at one time. You can find more information on Route Optimization here.
  • Resize Map - This button can be used to resize the map so that it includes the pinpoints for all unscheduled events listed on the left.
  • Refresh - This refresh button can be used to refresh the page without refreshing your entire browser.
  • Email All Routes - From here, you can email all of the routes you’ve scheduled to yourself & all selected drivers listed for the day.
  • Generate Visits - On Demand Visits can be generated using this button.

Additional Notes

  • If you have an account that has 80+ stops in a single day, you will need to extend the schedule day to 12:00AM to 11:59PM in order to accommodate. 
  • Selecting the red button next to the Driver’s name will unschedule & un-assign all events on that Driver’s route.
  • Individual routes can be optimized, memorized, or rescheduled/reassigned using the down arrow next to the Driver’s name.
  • There is a legend at the bottom of the Route Planner page that defines each icon & its color on the page. 


Route Planner Overview Video 

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