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Tools & Descriptions

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Tools & Descriptions


These can be applied to your list of unscheduled events to make scheduling much more manageable. Filtering options include Operations, Assignees & Sales Reps, Tags, Date Range, Items, Item Groups, Item Subcategories, & Minimum Days Since Last Visit. The User can also choose to include or exclude event types (Visits, Tasks, PO Tasks, & On Hold Visits).
*Note: You can adjust the setting below to require an Operation filter before opening the Route Planner. This will help reduce load time for accounts with a large number of events.

Unschedule Unfinished

This button will allow you to unschedule any events that were not marked as Complete for the visible day. Once unscheduled, they can be rescheduled for another day.
Batch Reschedule This button allows you to reschedule a batch of events based on applied filters & date ranges.
Columns Select this button to customize the columns used in the unscheduled events list to show data such as Job Name, Client, Zip, Invoice Total, & Last Visit.
  • Selecting Save for All Users will save your column selections for all Users.
Memorize All Routes

This tool can be used to memorize all visible routes at one time.
*Note: Route Memorization can only be used on routes that exclusively include On Demand Visits. 


This tool can be used to optimize a route based on a selection you make on the map.

    • Using this tool, draw & resize a square around a particular area or set of unscheduled events you would like to include on a route.
    • Once selected, press the green +Add Drivers button
    • Select Create Route next to the appropriate Driver
      (see GIF below)


Optimize All Routes

This tool can be used to optimize all visible routes at one time. You can find more information on Route Optimization here.

Resize Map This button can be used to resize the map so that it includes the pinpoints for all unscheduled events listed on the left.
Refresh This refresh button can be used to refresh the page without refreshing your entire browser.
Email All Routes From here, you can email all of the routes you’ve scheduled to yourself & all selected drivers listed for the day.
Generate Visits On Demand Visits can be generated using this button.


Additional Notes

  • If you have an account that has 80+ stops in a single day, you will need to extend the schedule day to 12:00AM to 11:59PM in order to accommodate. 
  • Selecting the red button next to the Driver’s name will unschedule & un-assign all events on that Driver’s route.
  • Individual routes can be optimized, memorized, or rescheduled/reassigned using the down arrow next to the Driver’s name.
  • There is a legend at the bottom of the Route Planner page that defines each icon & its color on the page. 
  • For weekly scheduled Visits- If the Visits were scheduled for a specific week and then unscheduled, they might be under the TBD section on the Calendar. If the Visits are scheduled but unassigned, they won't show up anywhere on the Route Planner, but you will be able to see them on the Calendar screen.

Route Planner Overview Video 

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