The SingleOps Mobile App

The SingleOps mobile app can be used in the field on a cell phone or tablet. The app was designed for Crew Users to complete their assigned Visits through the MyDay page or for Sales Reps to create on-site estimates for Clients (tablet recommended). 

The mobile app's functionality includes most SingleOps features with the exception of the Route Planner. Due to the Route Planner's complexity & the small size of most mobile devices, the Route Planner does not work on most cell phones & tablets. However, if the width of a device is 768px & above, the Route Planner will work using both the SingleOps mobile app or a web browser on your device. To find the exact width of your device, please refer to this website.

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How to Use the Mobile App

Tips for Using the Mobile App


How to Use the Mobile App

The app is available for Apple & Android devices.

To use, please download the app from your device's app store.



Tips for Using the Mobile App

If the mobile app is not behaving as expected, please verify that both the app & the operating system are updated. To do this, follow the steps below for the applicable device:

Mobile app update: Are you using the current version of the mobile app? 

To check this:

1. Navigate to the app store & search for SingleOps

2. If the app appears with Update next to the icon, please select Update. This will update the app to include the latest releases.

iPhone iOS update: Are you using the current version of iOS? To check this:

1. Navigate to: iPhone SettingsGeneralSoftware Update

As long as both of these are updated, selecting a Client's phone number from the Job page in SingleOps should result in a pop up prompting you to call, as seen in the image below:


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