Using SingleOps' Global Search

The most powerful search feature within SingleOps is the global search feature located in the top-left region of every page.  The aptly-named global search allows you to search across links, jobs, visits, clients, items, purchase orders, vendors, and tasks.


When used, the search will return not only the desired value(s), but also break it out to show you in what context SingleOps is using the value.  This allows you to work more efficiently and avoids having you comb through less-relevant returns.

Here we'll create a search for a fictional ‘Jane Smith’ client:


You can see that the search has returned two jobs, one client profile and two tasks.  Clicking on any link will take you directly to that record.

SingleOps allows for a partial string search, so you need not worry about correctly typing in the search criteria. Note how just typing in the numbers '123' returns a variety of records which contain '123'.


It may not be readily apparent how the records shown qualified since '123' was not in the job number, job name, client name, or street address. Drilling into the record further will reveal that all of these clients have ‘123’ in the phone number.

Here are a few caveats of which you should be aware to have your searches work effectively:

  • The search dialog generally does not support searches for dates or dollar amounts. Those are difficult to match exactly because of the variants in the format in which they should be entered.
  • Searches are generally NOT case-sensitive, i.e., entering 'mike' is the same as entering 'Mike'.


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