Retain Client / Location on New Jobs


When creating a new Job, you'll notice this option at the bottom of the page near where it says "Update & New." However, it isn't immediately obvious what this check box does.


The option is used in conjunction with the "Update & New" option.  Imagine that you're having to create several jobs in succession.  As soon as you finish the first job, you click Update & New to move to the next job. 

What if the second job were for the same client and/or location as the previous job?  Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to manually re-enter that same information again?

That's where 'Retain Client/Information' comes in!  If you check this box before you click Update & New, the next job will keep the same client and location information which just may save you several minutes of data entry.  You can always modify the portions of the new job which may need tweaking.  Try it and weigh your options as to whether the time saved by copying the previous client and job information will make you more efficient!


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