How to Add & Use Tags

Tags are a quick & easy way to mark Clients, Jobs, Visits, & Purchase Orders with color-coded identifiers. Some common examples include:

  • Client Preferences - Schedule AM, Schedule PM, Call Ahead 
  • Equipment Needs - Crane, Stump Grinder, Bucket Truck
  • Crew Callouts - Dog, Gate Code, Permit Needed
  • Sales Information - Hot Lead, Urgent, No Email
  • Admin Callouts - Follow Up, Needs Attention 

Beyond being able to readily identify Tags on Jobs, Tasks & Client profiles, they're also filterable throughout SingleOps. Once you've started utilizing Tags, you can then use them as a keywords by which you can search & filter on different pages such as any of the Job Management pages, Calendar, Route Planner, & various reports. 


How to Add or Edit Tags

  1.  Navigate to Admin > Tags 

  2. Select New

    Note: Select the name of a Tag to make edits or Delete to remove 

  3. Enter a Name 

  4. Enter the name of a color use the link provided to find & copy a HTML color code 

  5. Select a Tag Type 

    Note: Global Tags are used across the entire application. However, you may wish to have certain Tags which appear only in the context of a Visit or Purchase Order

  6. Select Create Tag



How to Use Tags 

  • Once you've created a series of Tags, you'll find them along the bottom edge of your Job edit page, as well as the Advanced tab of the Client edit page, & in a dropdown on the New Purchase Order page.




Selecting a Tag will enable it. The Tags pictured below with colored borders are enabled. To disable any Tag, select the Tag again. 



  • To filter by your applied tags, select the Filter button located at the top right of any screen (except for the route planner, where it is located at the top left above your unscheduled tasks/visits).



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