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Email templates make it easier to keep your customers informed through every step of the sales, job, & payment process. 

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Create or Edit Email Templates

- Add a Logo

- Add Dynamic Information

    • Data Tags
    • Liquid MarkUp

Preview an Email Template


Create or Edit Email Templates

1. Navigate to: mceclip0.png Admin > Email Templates

2. Select New Email Template or Edit next to an existing one

3. Edit the Name, Subject, Recipient, & Body of the email by entering the desired text.

  • Add a logo to your email:

1. To Add a logo to your email, select the picture icon on the Email Template page (shown below)


2. Once selected, you will be prompted to fill out the Insert/Edit Image Source field. (All other fields are optional):

Source: This image must exist online. Navigate to your website, right click on the logo you wish to apply, select Copy Image Address, paste this address into the Source field.


3. When finished pasting the Source, click Ok

You will now see your logo at the bottom of your email template.

4. To save, click Save Email Template


  • Add Dynamic Information:

If dynamic information is needed (i.e., information which changes automatically with the context of your customer or User), you can use the two options listed below: 

Data Tags

Data tags represent data & usually consist of a word between two colons (e.g., :my_data_tag:). To use data tags, start by entering a colon followed by the search term, followed by the final/closing colon (see example below).


The list of data tags available in SingleOps is constantly growing.  Follow this link for a current list of data tags or contact SingleOps Support

Liquid Markup

Liquid markup allows you to create more complex email templates with information such as Visit Start Time, Invoice Totals, etc. To learn more about Liquid markup, click here for a great resource from Shopify. For more time & date formatting options, click here for a great resource from devhints.


Common Liquid Markup: 

Visit Date - Short

ex: 07/13/2021

format: MM/DD/YYYY)

{{ visit.start | date: "%m/%d/%Y" }}

Visit Date - Long

ex: Wednesday, September 2, 2020

format: Day, Month DD, YYYY

{{ visit.start | date: "%A, %B %e, %Y" }}

Visit Time (12 hour)

ex: 3:00PM

{{ visit.start | date: "%l:%M%p" }}

Visit Location (street address, city)

{{visit.location.address }}, {{ }}

Invoice Balance - full balance

${{ invoice.balance | money }}

Invoice Balance - partial balance

(present percentage as decimal; example below is for 25% of balance)

${{invoice.balance | times: 0.25 | money}}



Preview an Email Template

You can preview any changes made to your email template by selecting a visit from the dropdown to the right of the edit form.  

To refresh a rendered e-mail, select the Refresh button at the top-right of the rendered e-mail to show your most recent edits.




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