How to Add Images to Jobs & Line Items

Images can be added to Jobs in SingleOps at both the Job level & the line item level. This feature is great for businesses that depend on images to track the health progress of a tree, to confirm that a Job has been successfully completed, to point out sections/areas of concern, etc. The photos can then be used on internal & external documents. 

How to Add an Image to a Job

  1. If adding an image to a new Job, navigate to Additional Options on the Job edit page, find Attach Image(s), & select Choose Files to upload your image


  2. If adding an image to an existing Job, navigate to the Job show page, select Attachments, select View/Edit Photos, & Click to Upload 



How to Add an Image to a Line Item 

  1. Navigate to the Job edit page

  2. Find & select the paper clip icon next to the line item 

  3. Select Click to Upload to add your image(s)



How to Include Line Item & Job Images on Documents 

  1. Navigate to Admin > Document Templates 
  2. Select Edit next to the document 

  3. Select Additional Info

  4. Activate the settings depicted in the screenshot below: 

  5. Select Update Document Template to save your changes  



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