Discounts - Percentage and Line Item

Discount options in SingleOps include two categories: built-in discounts by Percentage or Prepay, and Discount Items created by customers, applied as a line item for a flat amount such as Referral discount.

To use discounts in SingleOps, an Item should be created first and applied to the Job. How this item should be created is determine by whether or not your company uses Quickbooks, and if so, which version.

Creating a Discount Item

Before you can use the discount, you must first create the discount item.  If you're going to have discounts which will always be the same amount, you can create the discount with a default value (e.g., Fall Trimming $25 OFF Coupon).  But for other discounts, you may wish to simply create a discount item with no fixed amount, and then adjust the discount on-the-fly. 

 (QBD clients only) To create the discount: 

  • Create the item as a discount in QB FIRST and then sync it over to SingleOps.   
  • Continue to step 2.

 (QBO clients only) To create the discount:

  •  Go to Admin  >>  Items  >>  Items
    •  Click the Newbutton (upper-left)
    •  In the page that opens, enter something descriptive as the name for your discount and select the type 'Discount'image.1_how_to_.png
  •  At the minimum, you need not fill out or check any other boxes except fora) non-inventoried, and b) Active.


  •  Once you've checked the boxes for non-inventoried and Active, click the blue Create Item button (lower-left) to save and create the new discount item.

Using the Discount Item

Now that you've created the new discount item, there are two different ways to use it in your estimation and pricing for the job: Line Item and Percentage.

Line Item Discount

From the Job Create or Joe Edit page, click Add Item below the Estimate section and use the item pulldown to find and select the discount from the list.  If you've created more than one type of discount, ensure that you've selected the discount most appropriate to the situation at hand.


Note that the Summary table now also reflects your discount...

image_4_how_to_create_.png will your proposal and invoice.


Percentage Discount

From the Job Create or Job Edit page, Percentage discounts can be applied toward the bottom of the page on the left-hand side. 

1. Enable the Percentage Discount

2. Select the Discount Item that this percentage discount should use, as set up on the steps above

3. Enter a percentage in whole numbers (ex: 40 represents 40%)

4. Enter a description, if desired. This will appear on the Line Item description for the Discount, and will appear on Proposals and Invoices by default (in the same manner as other Line Items descriptions).

5. Select Tax Type

  • Pre Tax: discount will apply to the pre-tax total
  • Post Tax: discount will apply to the post-tax total

To preview the discount amount from this page, scroll up to the Summary Table and note the Percentage Discount applied to the Total. This line will appear on either the last or second-to-last line in the table depending on the Tax Type selected.




Editing or Removing the Discount

Editing or removing the discount is accomplished in the same manner as editing or removing any other line item.  Ensure you are in the edit mode for the job or visit by clicking the Edit button (upper-right).  To edit the discount, click within the line item to add descriptions, modify the amount, or even select another type of discount.  To remove, click the red 'X' at the end of the line item row.  Be sure to save your job/visit after any changes by clicking Update and Close at the bottom of the job/visit page.



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