Apply Discounts

Discount items in SingleOps can be used in two ways: as built-in discounts by percentage or applied directly as a line item to the job for a flat rate.

In this article:

Apply a Percentage Discount

Apply a Flat Rate Discount


Apply a Percentage Discount:

1. Select Enabled next to Discount at the bottom of your job edit page

2. Select the Discount Item 

3. Enter a percentage in whole numbers (e.g., 40 for 40%)

4. Include a description (optional)

5. Select Tax Type

  • Pre Tax: discount will apply to the pre-tax total
  • Post Tax: discount will apply to the post-tax total


Apply a Flat Rate Discount:

1. Add the discount item directly to the estimate on the job edit page

2. Insert the discount amount as the unit price


Note: Discounts (& their descriptions) will appear as a line item on Proposals & Invoices 



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