Sales Reps vs Assignees

Table of Contents
1. Overview
2. Assigning a User as a Sales Rep
3. Job Management
4. Calendar
5. Reports
6. Feedback

1. Overview
If you’ve navigated throughout SingleOps and wondered to yourself: “what’s the difference between Sales Rep and Assignee?”, this article will help answer that question!

In short, a sales rep is an individual that is estimating/proposing jobs. 

The assignee is an individual that is assigned to carry out the work or render services.

Let’s dive in a bit deeper here and focus on each one individually…
Sales Reps:

  • The Sales Rep dropdown on a job contains the list of users who are marked as a sales rep. We’ll discuss how to set this up at the user-level in the next section.
  • Sales Reps will:
    - Be included on supported reports
    - Recognized on associated document templates
    - Receive automatic notifications of customer’s acceptance
    - Sync with the invoice to Quickbooks
    - Be included in the Sales Calendar section on the SingleOps Calendar
  • Sales Reps can also be designated as an assignee as well by selecting the user in both the Sales Rep and Assignee drop-downs


  • Any active user can be assigned to visits and/or tasks
  • Assigned users will see scheduled events on their calendar
  • Assignees are included in filters throughout the system to show which event they’re associated with.

2. Assigning a User as a Sales Rep

Assigning a user as a Sales Rep is easy - as an Admin user, all you need to do is follow these instructions.

  1. Go to the Admin Tab
  2. Select the “Users” tab
  3. Select the Name of the user you’d like to designate as a Sales Rep 
  4. In the “Edit User” page, scroll down and look for the checkbox that reads “Sales Representative”
  5. Mark the box then select the “Update User” button in the bottom left corner of the page!


You can view which of your users are sales reps by going to the User Page and reviewing the table. 


Any user with a check in the Is Sales Rep column are confirmed sales representatives; any users marked with an “X” are not. 

3. Job Management 

When creating a lead, proposal, or active job you can designate a Sales Rep or an Assignee in the “Additional Options” section of each page. 



Proposal / Active Job:


Note: As mentioned above, you can assign a single user as both a Sales Rep and an assignee in the event that the individual that estimated/sold the job is also responsible for conducting it as well.

4. Calendar

The Calendar has a number of features built into it that incorporates Sales Reps and Assignees.

Color Priority
For instance, once you have designated a user as either an assignee or a sales rep, based on their color priorities, their assigned user color will appear in the calendar so you can get an at-a-glance reading of who is assigned to what event.

For example...
Events in red are assigned to Abraham Lincoln, who is a Sales Rep 
Events in orange are assigned to John Adams, who is not listed as a Sales Rep

Events in Green have been assigned to John F. Kennedy - even though Teddy Roosevelt was the Sales Rep.
This is because John F. Kennedy has a lower color priority than Teddy Roosevelt, which means John's assignment color will be prioritized over Teddy's.

For more information about Color Priority and the Calendar, please use the HELP bubble in the bottom right hand of the screen to search for any articles. If you need additional help, feel free to reach out to support by sending us an email at

Filter Calendar
You can also filter the calendar view to show individual sales reps or assignees by selecting the Filter dropdown in the top right of the screen and selecting an Assignee, Sales Rep, or both! This is particularly useful in case you need to organize a cluttered calendar by an individual user(s).

For instance, if I wanted to see all jobs that were assigned to John F. Kennedy, I'd select his name in the Assignees drop-down and the calendar will update to show only jobs assigned to him!


The same can be done with the Sales Rep filter and you can filter your calendar by both Sales Rep and assignees if you want to be even more specific.


The  Assignee and/or Sales Rep Filter can be found in numerous places throughout the system, such as: Job Management Page, Route Planner, and Reports!

5. Reports
Speaking of reports, as mentioned a moment ago, many of our reports will allow you to filter the data by who the sales rep or assignee was.

The Sales Rep Report stands out in the sense that it compiles sales pipeline data based on the sales representative associated to the job/visit. If you don't make sure to designate a sales rep valuable business intelligence could be omitted. 

So, as a best practice: be sure to always designate a Sales Rep or an Assignee when the time comes!

6. Feedback
If you feel this article was unhelpful or did not contain the information you were looking for, please write a comment below detailing what material you were looking for and how we can improve.
We'll be happy to edit this article to incorporate your feedback! 

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