Production Calendar View

SingleOps offers two different versions of calendars for your account; a Production Calendar and a separate Sales and Crew calendar. This article will take a look at the Production Calendar view.

On a production calendar all licensed users will appear on a calendar in a single view, be it by the week (the default view), month, day, or a list of all users on the Production Views by day.  This view will combine Sales and Crew under one calendar view.  Here is an example of the view of the Production Calendar by week (shown by clicking the Production Calendar (week) button):



And the Production Calendar for a specific day (Production Calendar button):


Please note that if a task or visit is assigned to multiple users, only task/visit will only show up on highest priority user's Calendar here, but will be included on all Assignees' MyDay pages.

Admin Users may change the company setting for calendar views by going to the Admin Module, Account Settings, Schedule, and changing the view under "Enable separate Production and Sales Calendars?":




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