How to Use My Timesheet

Timesheets allow SingleOps Users to seamlessly clock-in & clock-out of their work day & also record time on any events during that day. Each User has one Timesheet per day that includes events for themselves & their chosen Labor Resource(s). You can find more information on Labor Resources here.

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How to use My Timesheet

How to Start & Stop Work Using Timesheets


There are 3 way to access My Timesheet in SingleOps:

  • Navigate to My Timesheet in the menu bar
  • Select the blue My Timesheet button at the top of your screen
  • Select the blue Clock In/Clock Out button on the My Day page 

How to Use My Timesheet

  1. Navigate to My Timesheet in one of the 3 places listed above
  2. To start your day, select Clock In Employees
    Note: If using the Clock-In button on the My Day page, the event category should already be Clock In
  3. Double check that yourself & the appropriate Labor Resource(s) are included in the Employees field. If not, you can search & select the correct Labor Resource(s) by clicking in the field. You can also use the X next to a Labor Resource’s name to remove them from the event.
  4. Adjust the time, if needed
    *Note: By default, Crew Users cannot adjust time
  5. Enter a Description of the event, if needed
  6. Select Add Event
    Note: Once clocked-in for the day, the User can select Add Event on their Timesheet to clock-in & out of other event categories such as Visits, Tasks, Paid or Unpaid Breaks, & Shop Time. 
  7. Once the work day is complete, navigate to My Timesheet or My Day & select Clock Out

  8. Confirm the event details & select Add Event

  9. Select Submit on the My Timesheet page to submit your Timesheet for Admin approval 


How to Start & Stop Work Using Timesheets

Once clocked in for the day, Users are able to easily clock-in & out of their scheduled work from  the My Day page following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to My Day
  2. Select the Start Work under Actions
  3. Confirm the event details & select Add Event 
    *Note: Users can also use the Add Event button on the My Timesheet page to clock-in & out of Visits
  4. Once the work is complete, select Stop Work under Actions 
  5. Select Update or Update & CompleteScreen_Recording_2021-07-08_at_11.52.54_AM.gif

*Note: Selecting Update & Complete will update & complete the Visit at the same time, bypassing the Visit Completion page & the opportunity for the User to update Labor / Expense Details. 

Additional Notes:

  • Always ensure there is a corresponding clock-out event for any clock-in event.  Failing to clock-out of an event will cause issues with your Timesheet. 


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