How to Create a Route

The Route Planner is an advanced scheduling tool that allows you to create daily, map-based routes for your drivers. Before you can begin building routes, you will need to configure the desired User(s) to be included in the Route Planner. 

  • Navigate to Admin  > Users

  • Select the User’s name

  • Check the box next to Include in Route Planner?  

  • Select Update User



Once you have updated your User(s), follow the steps below to create a route:

  1. Navigate to the Route Planner page 

  2. Select + Add Drivers

  3. Check Include next to the desired Driver(s)

  4. Select Add Selected Drivers  

  5. Unlock the Driver’s route by selecting the lock next to the Driver’s name

    Note: This lock exists as a safeguard to protect the route from any unintentional additions or deletions. If you attempt to add any event to the route while the route is locked, you will receive a warning message in the lower-right corner of the route planner.

  6. Select-&-drag any unscheduled event from your list on the left or from the map & drop it on the intended Driver's route in the allotted time slot

    Note: The event will default to the predetermined length selected in Account Settings, however, you can grab the right handle of the event & drag it to the appropriate stop time, as needed.

  7. Lock the Driver’s route

    Note: Once locked, you can view the Driver’s route on the map by selecting the Driver's box. 



Additional Notes: 

  • Navigate to Admin > Account Settings > Schedule to adjust the default Task & Visit length, as well as the start & end time of your day.
  • Other Route Planner settings can be found here: Admin > Account Settings > Routing

  • Jobs cannot be created from the Route Planner, however, you can create Tasks by clicking directly into a Driver’s route. You can learn more about adding Tasks in the Route Planner here.

  • The Route Planner is a map-based tool. If you are attempting to add a Job to a route which does not yet have latitude/longitude coordinates, you will receive a warning indicating that the Job does not have a usable location. When this happens, you will need to edit the Job & link the location to Google Maps. 
  • Due to the Route Planner's complexity & the small size of most mobile devices, this tool will not work on most cell phones & tablets, unless using a device with a width that is 768px or larger. To find the exact width of your device, please refer to this website. 

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