How to Add Expenses to Completed Work

Expenses can be added to completed Jobs or Visits. Follow the steps below to add expenses to completed work: 

  1. Navigate to the Completed Jobs or Approved Jobs page in your Jobs module

  2. Find your completed Job or Visit & select the blue Labor/Expense Details button

  3. Find & expand Expense Details

  4. Select + Expense & complete the expense details

    Note: If the Expense Item does not already exist, you can select + New Item. You can find more information on how to create an Item here.

    Only Items categorized as an Expense can be used here. You can find more information on Item categories here.  
    Note: If an expense item is marked as reimbursable adding the expense will create a Purchase Order and sync to Quickbooks as a bill.
  5. Select Update



Once Expenses have been added to a completed Job or Visit, the information will be visible under Details on the Job show page, as well as on the Job Cost document & various Job Costing reports. 


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