Add an Expense to a Completed or Approved Job

The best way to add an Expense to a completed or approved Job is on the Job Completion Page. You can get to this page by navigating to a completed or approved Job, selecting Labor/Expense Details and clicking the Expense Details drop down. In the Expense Details section, click the '+ Expense' button. 

Screenshot__84_.pngTo add the Expense, you'll need to select a vendor, give a bill reference number (receipt number), add the item that you need to Expense (this needs to be categorized as an expense item), then give a cost and quantity. If you are taking advantage of our Quickbooks sync, you'll also need to select a Quickbooks Expense account. After you've added the Expense(s), click 'Update' to save your Expenses.


Once you have updated the Job Completion Page (a.k.a. the Labor/Expense Details Page) you should be able to see the expense in the details of the Job. If you go to the Job Show Page then click Details you will see, below the Items for the Job, there is a section with a breakdown of all of the expenses for that Job or Visit. This will also show up on the Job Cost document as well as in your cost reports.Screenshot__83_.png


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