Sending Invoices

Send an invoice

1. Invoices can be sent from several places within the app including the open invoices page, any of the job pages (proposal, active, completed, or approved), the My Day page, or even the client's profile page.

2. On any of these pages, click the Message and/or Email button.

3. On the Invoice Email page, you will select the Invoice Email template. This template will preload the email, including a link to the client's invoice, as well as the client's email address. 

The sending date & sending method will also preload for your records.

4. Click Send to email the invoice 




When to send an invoice from SingleOps

The invoice document can be accessed and sent to the customer at any time throughout the job workflow. The one notable exception is for recurring jobs with fixed invoices. However, since the invoice will always be a reflection of the job in its current state, it's best to send invoices only when it is not expected that the billables of the job will change. Sending invoices that require subsequent corrections or additions may lead to confusion and erode confidence in your company.


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