Invoices, Proposals, and Work Orders

From the beginning of a job to its end, these documents are the core of your company's interactions with your customers.

Invoices, proposals, and work orders are the documents by which you track and communicate your work to your customers and crews.  Each of these documents is defined by a template which not only allows you consistent delivery of information but also saves you unnecessary repetitive work. These templates can be edited in your Admin module. 

These documents can be viewed at any stage of the job, and will always reflect the current job elements including cost and pricing.  Adding additional line items to a proposal will be immediately reflected on the proposal, work order, and invoice as soon as the changes are saved.  NOTE:  updates are dynamic as they relate to changes within the application.  Any documents which may have been e-mailed to the customer at some earlier point in time would, of course, be static in their content if/as changes occurred at some later point in the job's timeline.

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