Default Job Names

SingleOps allows you to automatically default and auto-fill each Job Name based on one of five different naming conventions or options. Whichever your preference, SingleOps can help automate the naming process (and speed up job creation).


Default Job Names

Job Name Descriptions

  • NoneLeaves Job Name blank so you can customize for each job
  • Client Billing - Populates a simplified version of the client's billing address
  • Visit Location- Populates a shortened visit location address
  • Company Name  - Populates company name (from Customer Profile)
  • Client Name - Copies over Customer's name (from Customer Profile)


Navigation & Set-Up

1. Navigate to: mceclip0.png Admin > Account Settings > Job Name

2. Find Default Job Name? and select your preferred option from the dropdown.

3. Once you have selected your desired Job Name, click the Update Settings button at the bottom to save your changes. All new jobs will reflect this new naming convention.

*Note: If you find yourself often having to modify the job name frequently or if the auto-fill options do not fit your specific needs, None may be the best solution for your team.




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