Scheduling Visits and Tasks

Visits and Tasks can be scheduled in several places in SingleOps.  The first is in the Job or Task Create page when initially entering the Job or Task.  To schedule following Job creation, there are three places to schedule: the Job or Task pages, the Calendar, or the Route Planner. 

Job or Visit or Task Pages for Scheduling

Setting the schedule on the Visit or Task pages will automatically update the Calendar Page.  If the Visit or Task is assigned, the Visit or Task will also appear on the Assignee's Route Planner for the scheduled day (exception: Accounts with the Route Planner - Calendar 1:1 feature disabled). 

To schedule a Task (such as an On-site Estimate) during Lead Creation:

  • On the Lead Create page, scroll to the bottom and mark "Create a Task"
  • Use the calendar page to drag-and-drop unscheduled jobs (upper left) onto the calendar.  Note that the calendar days contain both hourly time slots as well as an 'all-day' section at the top of each day.  
  • You can also utilize the Unscheduled Events table and the Unscheduled Events for [Current Month] table - the latter being most useful if you know the month in which the job is planned, but not necessarily the exact date.  Click here to link to an article showing how it works.
  • The jobs 'show page' also provides a quick method of scheduling and rescheduling jobs, allowing one to quickly update the start and stop times without having to go to the full edit page.  A job's show page can be reached by going to the jobs management table and clicking the desired job to expand it in an accordian-fashion, revealing the show page.  Each job also has a dedicated show page which can be accessed, among other methods, by entering the job's reference number (or any other pertinent data) into the global search bar at the top left of the browser window.  Lastly, if you click on a job's number on the calendar page, a modal of the job's show page will appear.
  • The route planner is useful for scheduling jobs on a per-day basis and has the added functionality of showing each job's location on a map.  This will allow the user to see which jobs are most logically grouped in a specific geographical area and also serve to load-balance work among different drivers or crews based on a predetermined route capacity.  You can view a blog post here to learn how to most efficiently utilize the route planner.


To Schedule from the Calendar

  • Navigate to the Calendar page and set desired filters. There are many great filtering options here including Operation, Items, Assignee, etc. Here are a few of the most common ones to apply:
    • Tasks/Visits - excluding one of these or the other will allow you to quickly schedule either Estimate Tasks or Visits for your Sales Reps or Crew, respectively. It is fine to include both in the fiter as well, if needed.
    • Calendar/Unscheduled - applying filters to either of these will apply the filters to only the area selected - either the Calendar or the Unscheduled Tasks and Visits; these can be applied to both as well.


  • Next, expand the Unscheduled section, either the first one or the month TBD one. This will display a list of all Unscheduled Tasks/Visits available for scheduling based on your applied filters (if no filters are applied, all unscheduled Tasks will show, and all unscheduled Visits for Jobs in the Active stage will show).
  • Adjust the Calendar view so that the day on which you want to schedule is showing in the Calendar. The Production Calendar (Crew or Sales Calendars) are recommended.
  • To Schedule an Unscheduled Task or Visit, drag the appropriate Task or Visit from the Unscheduled table into the Calendar on the desired date and time. If you would like to schedule for All Day, place it in the top section of the Calendar's "Day" view


To Schedule from the Route Planner

  • Navigate to the Route Planner module and set desired filters
    • Popular filter selections are the Operation and Task/Visit filters
    • Note: the Route Planner's filters only apply to the Unscheduled Tasks/Visits table on the left. It is not possible to filter results in the Routes on the Route Planner. This differs from the controls on the Calendar, where filtering by both the Unscheduled Tasks/Visits and the Calendar itself is possible. 
  • At the top of the Route Planner, navigate to the date on which you want to schedule the Visit, either by using the left and right arrows or the Calendar icon.
  • Once you're on the correct day, find the driver you would like to assign the Task or Visit for and unlock their Route using the lock icon to the left of his/her name.


  • From the Unscheduled Tasks/Visits section on the left, find the Task or Visit you would like to schedule and drag and drop it onto the Route for the unlocked driver Assignee.


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