Scheduling Visits & Tasks

From the Calendar

  1. Navigate to the  mceclip4.png Calendar page
  2. Click and open Unscheduled Tasks and Visits
    • You can also utilize the Unscheduled TBD Visits for [Current Month] table - the latter being most useful if you know the month in which the job is planned, but not necessarily the exact date.
  3. Drag-and-drop the unscheduled Task/Visits you would like to schedule into the calendar.
    *Note: The calendar days contain both hourly time slots as well as an all-day section at the top of each day.Visit-Schedule-Cal.gif
  • Tasks can also be added by clicking the blank space anywhere on a calendar. Fill out the New Task information and click Create Task when finished.mceclip11.png*Note: This Task will not associate with a Job if you leave the Job drop-down blank.

Symboles to note:

mceclip9.png  mceclip10.png


From the Route Planner

Route Planner available on Plus & Premier Tier

The route planner is useful for scheduling jobs on a per-day basis and has the added functionality of showing each job's location on a map. This will allow the user to see which jobs are most logically grouped in a specific geographical area and also serve to load-balance work among different drivers or crews based on a predetermined route capacity. View this article here to learn how to most efficiently utilize the route planner.

  1. Navigate to  mceclip1.png Route Planner
  2. Select a driver by clicking +Add a Driver
  3. Click Include next to the diver(s) you would like to use and click Add Selected Drivers
  4. Click the unlock button next to the driver's name
  5. Drag-and-drop the Task/Visit into the drive's scheduleschedule-from-RP.gif
  • Tasks can also be added by clicking the blank space anywhere on a calendar. Fill out the New Task information and click Create Task when finished.

*Note: the Route Planner's filters only apply to the Unscheduled Tasks/Visits table on the left. It is not possible to filter results in the Routes on the Route Planner. This differs from the controls on the Calendar, where filtering by both the Unscheduled Tasks/Visits and the Calendar itself is possible. 


During Lead Creation (On-Site Estimate)

Schedule a Task durning Lead Creation (Example: On-site Estimate)

  1. Navigate to: mceclip3.pngJobs > Create Lead
  2. Fill out Lead information as needed. At the bottom of the page, make sure Create Task with Lead is marked with a check. On Site will be checked by default.
  3. Schedule the Task by day and time by clicking on the boxes next to Start and Stopmceclip7.png
  4. When finished, click Save & Close


Additional Notes

  • If a Visit is deleted by accident - that Visit cannot be brought back. You will need to generate a new Visit for that job.
  • Setting the schedule on the Visit or Task pages will automatically update the Calendar Page. If the Visit or Task is assigned, the Visit or Task will also appear on the Assignee's Route Planner for the scheduled day (exception: Accounts with the Route Planner - Calendar 1:1 feature disabled). 


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