Job vs. Visit

What's the difference? Here are some tips which should explain...

In SingleOps, a job is the basic element which contains all the work to be done for a client.  This work may be accomplished in a couple of hours - but it's often the case that the scope of the work extends across several days, requiring more than one visit to the property.  Thus, a single job may contain multiple visits - but a visit can only belong to, or be associated with one job.

A small 'one-off' job may not officially have any visits, and may be represented only by the job itself.  Large recurring jobs will often have many visits, and they may be of the same operating type, or differ altogether in their nature.

Left unnamed, visits will usually inherit the job number of the parent job, e.g., Job #1234 will contain Visit #1234, Visit #1234-2, Visit #1234-3, and so on.   But it's usually best practice to name the visits if possible so that it's easier to remember what each visit entailed.  Beginning this practice may require discipline early on - but pays dividends later when reviewing (or renewing) the job.

It is important to note that the frequency of the physical visit may - or may not - be the same as the frequency of the billing.   It's possible in SingleOps to make your visits weekly while billing monthly - or to have your invoice go out each time you make a visit.  Just remember that the frequency of one need not dictate the frequency of the other.

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