Associating a Purchase Order with a Job or Visit

Purchase Orders can be associated with Jobs or Visits in SingleOps, although this is optional. Whether associating a Purchase Order to a Job or Visit, the Purchase Order appears the same from the QuickBook's perspective after they've synced. However, they differ slightly within SingleOps.

Purchase Order - Visit Association

Associating a purchase order to a visit does affect the job costing inside SingleOps, and it will appear in the Expenses table on the job's page once the purchase order has been approved.

On Purchase Order Create/Edit Page:


On Visit Detail Page:


Purchase Order - Job Association

Associating a purchase order to a job does not affect the job costing inside SingleOps.  It will, instead, appear on the Purchase Order table on the jobs page.


Why isn't the Purchase Order Appearing on a Job or Visit?

After a Purchase Order expense has been created and associated with a Job or Visit, it must also be approved to display on the Job/Visit page.

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