Enabling Location Services in Browser

SingleOps uses the location provided by your browser for several functions, including: route planner, job entry, and timesheets.  If you receive a warning regarding your location services being disabled, or if you notice that the map isn't centering on your location as expected, you may need to enable location services in your browser. Below are instructions how to accomplish this for different browsers and devices.

Google Chrome (PC/Mac)

  1. Click   ⋮. (top-right corner of the Chrome window).
  2. Click Settings (near the bottom of the dropdown window).
  3. Click Advanced.
  4. Click Content Settings.
  5. Click Location.
  6. Click to toggle the blue 'Ask before accessing (recommended)' switch.

More detailed Chrome instructions


Safari (OSX)

  1. For Safari on OSX, you will need to enable both the location services for Mac and Safari.  Instructions can be found here.
  2. NOTE:  You may need to reset website authorizations under the 'Location Services in safari 6 or later' section.

Safari (iOS)

  1. First you will need to make sure location services are enabled for Safari using the instructions here.
  2. Close Safari (hold home button and swipe off).
  3. Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Location Warnings/Reset Location & Privacy
  4. Open Safari and try again.


  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Chrome app.
  2. Tap More -> Settings.
  3. Tap Site settings ->  Location.
  4. At the top, next to 'Location', turn the default setting on or off.

More detailed Android instructions

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