Creating a Task Prior to Creating a Job

Perhaps you'd like to create a task for your estimator to evaluate and estimate a potential job...

From a question posed by one of our users...

You may find that you need to create a task to have an estimator visit a location to estimate/evaluate potential work.  But when you create the task, you find you do not yet have a job to which you can associate the task.  And you find that if you do create the task and do not associate it to a job, it later is 'orphaned' and not associated to the job if/when you do create the job.

This is where first creating a lead may come in handy.  That's exactly what a 'lead' is:  some indication that someone...  somewhere...  would like to employ your services.  And remember that a 'lead' is actually the first step in the job workflow.

By first creating the lead, you're placing on record the customer information to which you can then associate the new task you're creating for your estimator.  As he visits the site and creates his proposal, he can then 'promote' the lead to the proposal stage and send the proposal to the customer.  And then when your customer accepts the proposal, it can be promoted to an active job - and all this using the very same 'job number' or ID within SingleOps.  You need not have separate lists for leads, proposals, and jobs:  they can co-exist in the same space...   just in different states or stages.  This way, any touch - be it task, estimate, or invoice - can all maintain their association with the customer.

If you haven't used leads before, take this opportunity to try them out and let us know if you have any questions or difficulty.

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