Actual vs. Billable

While adding line items to your jobs, you may have noticed the two check boxes labeled 'Actual' & 'Billable', these settings determine what information is shown on the documents visible to customers and crew (proposals, invoices, and work orders)



Checked: Line items that have the 'Billable' box checked will appear on the proposal and invoice and contribute to the invoice total. 

Unchecked: Line items that do not have the 'Billable' box checked will not appear on client facing documents nor contribute to the invoice total.



Checked: If the 'Actual' box remains checked, the line item will appear on the work order for the crew to see. 

Unchecked: Line items that have the 'Actual' box unchecked will not appear on the work order, but they will contribute to both the job costing and the Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) calculation provided the billable box is checked. 


Additional Notes

It is common for items to be both Billable and Actual - but you do have the ability to select if items are one and not the other.  Unless items have been configured to default to the unselected state, they will usually default to have the box checked - so be sure to deselect the check box if one characteristic should not appear for that line item.




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