Item Subcategories

Item Subcategories allow you to segment different Items within an Item Category. This is particularly useful when you might have different types of similar Items, e.g., Bermuda, Zoysia, Centipede, & St. Augustine are all types of Sod (Material Items). 

In this article:

Create Item Subcategories

Apply Item Subcategories


Create Item Subcategories 

1. Navigate to mceclip0.png Admin > Items > Item Subcategories

2. Select New Item Subcategory

3. Enter a Name

4. Assign the Item Subcategory to at least one Item Category

5. Select Create Item Subcategory



Apply Item Subcategories 

1. Navigate to: mceclip1.png Admin > Items > Items

2. Select New Item or click the Item Name, this will open up the Item and allow you to select Edit to make changes.

3. Select the Item Subcategory

4. Select Save & Close or Update & Close



Additional Notes

  • Item Subcategories do not sync with Quickbooks
  • Item Subcategories are included in the Items Report 
  • Item Subcategories can be used to filter the Calendar & Route Planner pages
  • The My Day page includes Item Subcategory totals
  • You can view the Summary table on the Job edit page by Subcategory Totals, & even Update Margins by Subcategory 







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